2015 Group Retreat Review

Autumn 2015 Retreat Review

Alice’s Review


I did not know that I will be so lucky and receiving so much love when I signed up for the retreat. It was the teaching from the teacher that allowed me to connect with my higher self and to create my reality from my heart. Furthermore, I have healed my wrongly belief system and created a new crystal grid. The Seven Sacred flame meditation becomes my daily routine and I truly miss my teacher Fei. During the retreat in Mount Shasta, I lived in the moment, even when I was just cooking and wash dishes. I love the majestic nature of Mount Shasta as we followed Fei to the different sacred sites. We had so much fun at outdoors, laughing, joking, asking teacher questions, and cherished the wisdom imparted by Fei. These experiences made me realizing that only gratitude and love exist. As I felt the energy of Ascended Masters and Lord Maitreya, I appreciated their wisdoms and I will live in the love and light and share with the world.

I have gained much awareness and knowledge in the morning classes and touring the sacred sites in the afternoon was my favor. Because Teacher Fei was channeling the Ascended Masters, I felt the DNA activation when we visited the Kuanyin Water Fall, Twin Fall, streams, and forest. We drank the water that flow down from the Mountain Shasta and rocks; I felt rejuvenated instantly. Almost every pictures I took, there were fairies and the “light from the heaven” shone upon us, especially in the Pluto Cave and Ascension Rock, I was awed by the magnificent Sun light that shone through the openings of the cave and cracks of the rocks. I suddenly understood the unconditional love of the Father Sun and Mother Earth. I remembered when we were touring the Lake Shasta, as our boat slowly moved through the water, teacher Fei broadcast a music “ Aulang Syne”, the legendary song from the time of Lemuria. This was the song that sang by the billions of people when their continent sank into the Pacific Ocean overnight. Although this happened 25,000 years ago, we broke down in tears as the memory of the past appeared in our soul. The haunting beauty of Shasta Lake is unbelievable, I can only praise Mother Earth for her grace all around.

The magical little town of Mt Shasta is filled with stores of crystals, artifacts, arts and crafts. It is a place of wonder. I want to thank you Teacher Fei for her inspirational teachings and encouragement. Thank you for your love that will be forever remembered.

Alice Chen in Taiwan
October, 2015

Jessica’s Review


With a great expectation, I traveled to Mount Shasta and started my first spiritual journey. Teacher Fei come to the airport to pick us up by herself. Because of delaying of the plane, by the time we got to the highway, it was already a night fall. But Teacher Fei told us that there were purple lights everywhere and the lights of love was encasing us as if they are welcome our arrival. Then the dispensation of compassion, protection and love in the following days were unbelievable. Through the teaching of Fei, we learned to connect with Mother Earth and feel her warms and her unconditional love for us. The knowledge of Seven Sacred Flames, the love of Lord Maitreya and Scared Geometry of Merkaba were immensely profound. It brought healings to my soul and I finally understood what is “I Am that I Am”. I realized that I am the author of my own drama that I should not lose myself in the midst of my own creation. The purpose of my life is to learn, to experience, gain wisdom and be the light to others.

We toured the Sacred sites every afternoon. I felt the love of all the Ascended beings, the purification of seven Sacred flames, Ascension Rock, the energy from the Mount Shasta; there are cities below the mountain in the inner Earth were the remnant of people from the era of Lemuria 25,000 years ago. They are our families. I drank the water from the Mountain, chasing the fairies for shooting pictures…, etc. It was happy time indeed. Feeling as live in the 5th dimension, my spirit soar. Following the last day of declaration toward Ascension path ceremony, we concluded this meaningful journey.

Finally, I want to thank you Mother Earth, Father Sun, Lord Maitreya, Ascended Masters of seven Sacred Flames, the family of Telos from inner Earth, compassionated Teacher Fei, and my classmates, for this communion and sharing. Blessings to all from my heart! ❤️❤️❤️

Jessica from Ojah, California USA
October 2015


Jane’s Review


I have returned home to China for a month already. I was writing a daily journal to my higher self-stating that I don’t like where I am now, I missed living in Mount Shasta, hence I dreamed to go to Mount Shasta in the following night.

During the 3 weeks in Mt Shasta, I became a child again, enjoy the lives there every day. It is my dream to live a life as such, in the midst of chirping birds and flower beds, a small country cottage, a squirrel at the tree by the porch to keep me company, and my swings in the yard, it is my dream home. In that high frequency area, I feel the peace in my heart. The peaceful feeling made me free and my knowingness is also increased.

My biggest attainment is the knowledge to connect with the Universe within my tiny space of the heart. In that space everything else has no importance, they became very small. In the tiny space of my heart, I ceated a swing for myself, so I can swing in the stars and in the Universe. This is what I search for all my life, the absolutely freedom.

I am grateful for the accompany of all the ascended Masters. During our healing ceremony, Lord Maitreya picked us up in his magnificent Merkaba to heal Mother Earth. My husband and I were the only two from main land China, I feel so proud of representing China. But I feel the pain of Mother Earth as we, the humans have been hurting her so much, I cried, I don’t want to stay here on Earth any longer, I want to go home to GOD, the source. My teacher Fei told us that we are the star seeds, we come here to learn humility, love, and teach others how to love, but we stuck in our journey when we forgot who we are.

The other thing I learned from Fei is “ Self-Love”, learning how to gain wisdom through experience. Her teaching is very important to me to create my reality. From other teachers, I learned how to gain wisdom through my daily lives, then Teacher Fei told me “Love thyself”, and one of the other teachers told me to “take full responsibility for my life”. All the ascended Masters wisdom has given me the guideline toward ascension path. It is only through my own dedication; I shall return to Oneness. This is the purpose of my life.

Thank you the Ascended Masters, your teaching and love will always be imprinted in my heart. I prayed daily to live in the tiny space of my heart and in love always.

I deeply grateful for teacher Fei for her love and care for us. Blessing to all, hope there will be more people to visit Mount Shasta, to experience the 5th dimensional love energy, learn the wisdom of how to love thyself, and live in the heart permanently.

Your student, Jane He in China
November, 2015