2016 Spring Retreat Review

Alice Yan

Because of my own intentional of change and courage, I signed up to this journey.

After a long fleight, I arrived at Mount Shasta. The breathtaking view instantly healed my aching and tired torso. I was welcomed by Teacher Fei and classmates; their warmth made me feel like home.

The window of my room facing the beautiful Mountain, I staring at the view with the love in my soul.

The compact schedule of classes in the morning and tour in the afternoon, I suddenly understood that I did not have to search for the meaning of my life every moment. I just need to live in the moments of now, in the Sunshine, in the wind, in the water of the stream, every little rock, every peddles of the flower, every needle of the Pine tree. Enjoy the Love of the Universe, every breath is like a deep hug, home is in my heart.

I want to thank you teacher Fei for her caring in every possible way and for her wisdoms of advises. This made me (a star- seed person) feel ease and gave me courage and love to stay on the path of this beautiful Planet Earth.

Alice Yan from Taiwan

Lily Tsao

I am very grateful to meet Teacher Fei to whom is formally my spiritual teacher. I have no knowledge of spiritual cultivation, and teacher Fei is willing to guide and teach us. Slowly I began to understand what is spirituality, and the Love is the key to connect to the Universe.

Teacher Fei is a free spirit. The way she lives exemplify the freedom of her life in which also filled with abundance, love and meaning.

This is my dream home, it is next to the beautiful Mountain. The retreat house was filled with laughter’s of the classmates. I do not know if there is anything better than this gathering.

I am an Indigo person; I can feel the strictness of the ascended Masters Maitreya and others, but they are also very compassionated. I am grateful having this opportunity to be guided by the masters.

The flower of Life course and Merkaba were strange to me before the classes. I have learned that Love is the source of all creation. As the classes progressed, I sensed that I do not have enough love for myself. If I have enough love for myself, I should be able to open my 3rd eye; I should be able to activate my Merkaba. I started to face my own demise and learn to love myself.

The journey of the retreat helped me to balance my mental, spiritual and physical bodies. Teacher Fei said that I have too much blockages hence unable to move forward. But slowly I can feel that I am moving, my mind is getting clear.

Although I regretted that I only registered for one course, but this course has benefited me greatly . I need not hurry. I wished that I can stay by Teacher Fei forever. She made me feel self- respect and the energy of her warmth made me feel calm and peaceful.

Teacher Fei is a clairvoyant, she can see through everything. It is not possible to hide from her. This is a great warning that I should be honest with myself and I should not lie  or act in egotistical way. She glances at me, and she knows.

I have learned to let go of my own criticism and let go of the envy and jealous of others. I believe the real me is valuable and worth of loving. Hence, I am learning to love my higher self. Once again, I want to thank you Teacher Fei, Lord Maitreya, the ascended Masters and Angels. Thank you for all your wisdom, love and guidance which led me toward the goal of my life.

Lily Tsao in California, USA