2017 Summer Retreat Review

This is the 3rd time I came to the retreat in the period of 4 years. Although I have read many spiritual books in the past, I came to the retreat to evaluate my learning and my understanding of my path toward spiritual enlightenment.

Merely just a few days, I have learned so much. The journey is endless. I know I have so much blinding spot to discover and so much blockage to clear. But I pray for my guidance to come. And I am here to learn from the teacher, Fei Chan. My prayer has answered.

The major benefit for me personally is the understanding of my relationship with my ancestors through my inherited gene. Through my intention and conversation with my cells to change the programs and through the connection with Mother Earth, the benefit of the teaching is undescribed of life changing.

We have class every morning– channeled knowledge from Lord Maitreya and our teacher Fei was sharing the knowledge unconditionally. We visited Yellow Stone National Park in the afternoon. We were amazed by its original beauty. I was moved by our teacher Fei for her love of Mother Earth, the wild animals, flowers and trees. I can see it is the reflection of her inner world. She always said to us “If I can do it, you can, too!”

During the last day of our “ascension path ceremony”, I was encased by the love of the ascended masters, all my cells were awakening. I could not stop crying for all the love they bestowed upon me. The retreat was over and I came back to the reality once again facing the daily challenges of my life. I must remember that all my thoughts, words and actions created my reality.

I will continue to practice and communication with my cells, love myself, follow the oath of my declaration during the ascension path ceremony and moving forward. Thank you Lord Maitreya, the higher realm beings of light, my higher self and my teacher Fei’s guidance. I am truly grateful.

Piroska Chen
In Victoria, Canada

This is the second time I joined Teacher Fei Chan’s retreat. The first time was in 2013. I was so immersed in my work and my busy life style; I hoped to find time to be myself and search for the passion of my life and the meanings of my existence. I was fortunate able to find time for myself in this retreat.
I feel like started over again as if a new soul just came to Earth to explore and to experience life. My most benefit from the retreat was finding the lessons of my life and my missions to accomplish on Earth. I discovered the fear in me was inherited DNA from my ancestors.
Teacher Fei taught me that we can change our DNA programs through daily practice of our intent and cells communication and learn to live in the heart instead in the brain. With love and courage march toward the light.
I want to thank to my teacher, Fei Chan, The Father/Mother God, our beloved Mother Earth, Lord Maitreya and all the supports from the Angels and beings of light.

Crystal from Taiwan

I am grateful to Lord Maitreya and the Ascended Masters of the light to whom have given me the opportunity to come to the retreat in Yellow Stone National Park. I discovered the beauty of Mother Earth and from my teacher, Fei, I understood that we are not just connect to Mother Earth during weekly meditation, we are to connect with her daily in our heart and soul with love and gratitude that she had prepared this beautiful stage for us to play our drama in our daily live.

Teacher Fei also helped us to registered at the Astral realm’s Wisdom University in Grand Teton, so our astral body can come to learn the wisdom of Golden Flame during our sleep.

The course also taught us how to remove our Karma. Thank to Lord maitreya, Archangel Michael and Goddess Kuayin helped our ancestors returning home. I wish to come to visit the Grand Teton Retreat next year.

Leona in USA