Communicate with your DNA to heal your body

Plan: The purpose of my work is to help people heal their wounds and elevate the consciousness on EARTH. Please write me an e-mail with an attachment of your current picture. I will give you an assessment about your healing plans.

I am a gifted healer with the abilities of clairvoyant, clairaudicance, and clairsentient. I connect to your higher self, talk to your DNA. I work with the beings of light and Buddha Maitreya at your service.

I. The major services:

Aura repair – your aura (energy field) may have been teared, punched in holes or scratched by the negative energy, entities of malice, astral parasites and demons. Your aura can even be teared through heart broken or in anger and anxiety.


Astral Parasites Removal—They are space parasites with tentacles. They attached to your Chakras sucking your energies causes disorder of nervous system, high blood pressure, imbalance of sugar, heart attack and various diseases.


Entities and demon removal—Get rid of the imprints of the entities, suicided spirits, and demons to whom have share your body to live again. Your fears, doubts, distrust, hatred, and depression may not be yours. They are the feelings of entities. You may experience the blockage of abandonment, separation and repel any friendship or love because of these entities or demon’s energy. You may experience self- sabotage, being scammed and betrayed.


Curse Removal—You may experience losing your wealth, your accomplishment, your love one even your children to the curse. It is powerful ritual that someone put the hex on you to block your success, wealth and happiness.


DNA Reprograming—There are a lot of traits are negative genetic imprints in your DNA. Even after I remove all the negative energies and entities, if you do not change your DNA, you will attract the same scenarios again and repeat the cycle.


Intuitive Tarot Card Reading & Psychic Connection
For Singles:

15 Minutes – $45.00

30 Minutes – $85.00

45 Minutes – $125.00

60 Minutes – $160.00

Intuitive Tarot Card Reading & Psychic Connection
For Couples:

30 Minutes – $130.00

45 Minutes – $160.00

60 Minutes – $185.00

Review from the customer for the general service healing: There was a big wound in my heart that no one can touch it before the session. And I was very irritated. In my past experiences that whenever I had spiritual healings, I usually released the pain by broke down in tears. Hence, I thought that in order to release, I must to open up the wounds in my heart. Before the session started, I was prepared to let go and cry my heart out. But during the session, I was very comfortable lying on the bed. In the beginning, when Fei started to guide me, it instilled a little sadness in me. I dropped a few tears, but I don’t feel like to cry. Then Fei started to cleanse my Charkras. My body slowly felt the blessing. I have completely trusted in Mother Earth; even though she had absorbed my dark energy; it won’t hurt her at all. I had completely let go of myself and let Mother Earth to transform my energy. In addition, Fei used Seven Sacred Flames to recharge and realigned my Chakras. She also talked and reprogrammed my cells. She edited my cells memories which activated more of my dormant DNA. These allowed me to gain wisdom and educated every cells of my body; I felt the oneness with God. I felt relaxing and tremendous ease. At that moment I remembered that I have not been crying. I tried to squeeze a few drops of tears, but I was so pleased and content; I really don’t want to cry at all. This healing experience allowed me to realize that healing can be achieved in the completely love and blissful consciousness. Someday if I have the opportunity to serve and heal others, I want to be like Fei. She had healed me with pure love, joy and she cured the root cause of my illness. I am forever grateful.
Jane from Seattle, WA