Sedona, the remnant of lost Atlantics
Experience the interdimensional Portals & healing in the vortexes
Personal or Group Retreats

The legends of prehistoric ones regarded Sedona to be an inter-dimensional portal. The story goes that Star People were said to have touched down. It was easier for them to come and go here, due to special energies in the red rocks. In these ancient times, Sedona was seen as an island, the Crystal City of Light. People came then—as they do today—to search for spiritual enlightenment. These days, that search has blossomed as counterculture types, from California and elsewhere, beginning in the 1970s, evolved into New Agers today seeking happiness and their life’s purpose. Propelling them, apart from startling beauty, were rumors of hot spots, powerful places for healing and meditation. Called then “power points,” they seemingly “act as amplifiers so that when a person nears such a spot, whatever that person brings to it, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual has amplified,” wrote Sedona author Dennis Andres, “even magnified.”

Sedona creates a beautiful loving high vibration natural healing environment to reconnect and expand consciousness. Sedona’s energy combined with Fei’s abilities of clairvoyant, clairaudience and clairsentient, we can offer you the healings of life time to include energy reading, rid of your negative Karma, clear your energy fields of dark energies, entities attachment, astral parasites, close the wounds, remove curses and reprogram your DNA, so you can attract love, wealth and happiness. We will teach you how to live in your heart and raise your vibration and inspire your journey on Earth. We will take you to the major four vortexes in Sedona to connect and heal your heart desire, so you may rejuvenate your body and recharge your spirit.

We will take you not only the sacred sites for healing, but also to visit the famous art stores, restaurants and shops, so you may enjoy the vacation time and recharge your body, mind and spirit. We will gift you with the alignment and cleaning of your 7 chakras with 7 Sacred Flames. We are tailoring the retreat to your personal needs or the group desire.

The personal retreat consists of 5 days 4 nights lodging & transportation included in our beautiful home in the outskirt of Sedona surround by the desert and magnificent rims of red rocks offering the gorgeous Sunrise and Sunset of Mother nature. (We provide transportation to and from airport, touring the vortexes and shopping enjoyments). $1200.

If you are booking for group retreat, please call for special discount price.
If you only need 2 to 3 days, please call for our tailoring plan to suit your needs.

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