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Fei Chan


About the Practitioner

Fei Chan has immigrated to America from Taiwan. She put herself through college with the BS Degree in Accounting/Investment. Working as a Stockbroker for New York Stock Exchange for over 10 years. When the Stock Market crashed, she moved to Washington. Studied and obtained degree in Electronic Engineer Technology, she then took the career at Federal Aviation as Radar/Communication Engineer Technician. After long period of services in the Labor market, she retired. Certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from the Association of Integrative Psychology, Life coaching certified by American University of NLP, and as an Energy and Spiritual Healing Practitioner, Fei Chan has begun her lifetime dream to serve humanity.

Like many of you, her soul explores through the Galaxy. Carrying the ancient genes, and self- cultivation for thousands of years, she connects with the beings of the spiritual realm. While she was still working at FAA as an Engineer Technician, she went deep into meditation daily. One day she made connection with an Ascended Master, Buddha Maitreya– so much wisdom, love and knowledge had transmitted to her through telepathic for years. Hence, she established “Maitreya School of Wisdom”, giving retreats and classes weekly through the year.

Born with the burning desire to find God, Fei has been studied metaphysics all her life. From the knowledge taught by Rosicrucian to the Ancient School of Wisdom and various Ascended masters, she has searched and found the God within all of us. She finally realized that real freedom comes from one’s ability to conquer the limitation of one’s alter ego and to emergence with the mind of God. With the gift of wisdom, Clairvoyant, clairaudience and clairsentient, Fei wants to share and to help people to find their true self within, to heal their pain, empowering them and to manifest their inner most desires and dreams. And together, she wants to take everyone who had sought wisdom from her to the higher dimension of Oneness, the White Fire Sun.

Introduce Weekly Metaphysic Class

Transmission Meditation

By Ascended Master Buddha Maitreya

The fundamental purpose of meditation of any kind is to bring a person into contact with, and eventually in total union with, his or her soul.
Each one of us is a soul, an individualized aspect of one great over soul, which incarnates over and over again, sometimes as first stage of this contact is made through meditation; any meditation of whatever kind is a method, more or less scientific, depending upon the meditation, of bringing about soul contact.

Every incarnation allows the individual to magnetically draw to himself or herself more and more matter of a sub-atomic nature, which is light. Gradually that body becomes a body of light. That is the body of the achieved Master, who is then free from the pull of matter forever. This is the magical action of the soul in this long journey of evolution.

One other process contributes to this spiritual achievement and that is the activity call service. It is not possible to come into contact with your soul without desiring to serve, because it is the nature of the soul to serve. That is all it knows. So, meditation and service are the royal roads, the way par excellence, to achieve a growing awareness of your soul and of your purpose—a gradual unification between yourself and the soul.

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    The Transmission Meditation groups have been formed to act scientifically as kind of bridge between the Hierarchy of Masters, who seeks to carry out the plan of evolution through humanity, and the disciples in the outer field. In this way the energies are stepped down.

    A Transmission Meditation group is really a transformer. In electricity you have high voltage—a thousand volts or even 110 volts. If you put your finger into it, you will be electrocuted. But if you put that same voltage through a series of transformers and bring it down to a very harmless 1.5 volts, it will light a little flashlight. With the same theory, the Transmission Meditation Energies are then sent out, not by the group, but by the Masters to wherever they are needed in the world, which might be to avert a war or to create certain conditions. That is the service aspect of Transmission Meditation.

    The Transmission Meditation is introduced to the planet Earth by Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher, for the first time in June, 1945. He has promoted to “Planetary Buddha for Earth”. He was allowed to use it as the result of His decision to return to the everyday world, which are now hundreds of such groups all over the world. Transmission Meditation groups form themselves and do an enormous beneficial service to the world. I teach transmission meditation on my Retreats, so you may take back to your world and help others.

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    Psychic Reading

    Love, Soulmate, Marriage, Career, Mediumship & life path reading. Please Call the Concierge to make appointment: (928) 282-7220

    We do local and long- distance Readings– in person, phone or on Zoom Video.

    Q & A Reading for Singles: 15+ min. $45+
    * 30+ min. $88+, 45+ min. $135+ *
    60+ min. $175+

    Q & A reading for couples: 30+ min. $140+ *
    45+ min. $170+ *
    60+ min. $195+

    Healing Services

    Please call: 928-282-7220 to make an appointment

    We do local and long- distance Healings– in person, or on Zoom Video.

    Healing Services:

    Special 45 minutes Broken Heart Healing + core cutting $150

    Special ½ hour Reading + ½ mini-Healing $175.00

    Full Chakra clearing/alignment/Aura Repair/core cutting ritual / DNA Repair
    & reprogramming– (total 75minutes+) —$195+

    This Includes Reset and recharge your energy field. Removal of depression fears, anxiety, guilt, shames, cut cores from the old energy or relationship that no longer serve you and healing the broken heart. We also remove the imprint of anger, abandonment, betrayal, unworthiness, resentment, violence, and traumas from your DNA. Reprogram Blessings.

    Ancestor DNA Removal Ritual (total 75 minutes) $195+:

    Remove ancestors DNA (inherited) of fears, anxieties, guilt, shame, abandonment & betrayals.
    Remove distrust issue, resentment, angers, bad luck with love and relationship.

    Entities/Astral Parasites/Demons/Curse/ spells Removal & Sending any Earthbound souls to the Light –Total 75 minutes+) $195+

    -This is an exorcism includes any entities attachments from the astral world, curses and spells are to be removed. Any Earth-bound entity to whom had died in accidents, war, explosions, suicide, drug overdose or murdered, we will send these Earth-bound souls to the light. If you do Entities removal service with us, we can clear your house for $100. Otherwise, House Clearing (Remove Entities from your home and seal the portals) is $150.

    Past Life Regression Hypnosis & Healing (total 75 minutes+) $195+

    Resolve any issues of Anger, illness of Cancer, fear, anxiety, forgiveness, etc. Perhaps you are simply curious about your past life.

    Note: not everyone can be hepatized. Some people have strong resistance. Success rate 50%.

    Soul Integration (total 75 minutes+) : $195+

    This is to search your escaped broken spirit—such as your broken inner child, escaped spirit of fears, abandonment, abuse, violence, and torments. We integrate back into you.

    Daily Protection & Long- Distance Healing

    $50 per day (minimum 30 days)

    If you are in dangerous of being possessed, attacked by the demons or evil forces, if you are ill in various diseases including any tumors or cancer, we can provide long distance healing and protection for you.

    Review from the customer for the Chakra

    Realignment healing:

    There was a big wound in my heart that no one can touch it before the session. And I was very irritated. In my past experiences that whenever I had spiritual healings, I usually released the pain by broke down in tears. Hence, I thought that in order to release,

    I must to open up the wounds in my heart. Before the session started, I was prepared to let go and cry my heart out. But during the session, I was very comfortable lying on the bed. In the beginning, when Fei started to guide me, it instilled a little sadness in me. I dropped a few tears, but I don’t feel like to cry. Then Fei started to cleanse my Charkras. My body slowly felt the blessing.

    I have completely trusted in Mother Earth; even though she had absorbed my dark energy; it won’t hurt her at all. I had completely let go of myself and let Mother Earth to transform my energy. In addition, Fei used Seven Sacred Flames to recharge and realigned my Chakras. She also talked and reprogrammed my cells. She edited my cells memories which activated more of my dormant DNA. These allowed me to gain wisdom and educated every cells of my body; I felt the oneness with God. I felt relaxing and tremendous ease. At that moment I remembered that I have not been crying. I tried to squeeze a few drops of tears, but I was so pleased and content; I really don’t want to cry at all. This healing experience allowed me to realize that healing can be achieved in the completely love and blissful consciousness. Someday if I have the opportunity to serve and heal others, I want to be like Fei. She had healed me with pure love, joy and she cured the root cause of my illness. I am forever grateful.
    Jane from Seattle, WA

    Free Gift Download

    Ultra Violet Flame by St. Germain vocal by Fei Chan

    Our beloved Ascend Master, St. Germain dispenses the Ultraviolet Flame, the 7th ray to humanity for forgiveness, cleaning and raises the energy. By invocation daily will help you to attain spiritual enlightenment faster.

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    The Alchemy of Love

    There are all definitions of love through concepts and personal understanding. But if you remove all the surface layers of all the belief of the mind, what remains is Love.

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